Thursday, May 9, 2013

TBT: Rice & Kebabs

So I know I just did both a rice dish as well as a kebab dish. But, I thought I would share with you a couple variations from my previous posts, to show you the versatility of these two concepts. 

Grilled Vegetable Kebab 

When I made those beef kebabs last week, my mushrooms didn't have the robust flavor I was really hoping for. I think it's because we didn't cook the kebabs at a high enough temperature and I didn't season them properly. So I thought I would redeem myself with this vegetable kebab.

I cut a whole zucchini in 1 inch pieces and used large whole mushrooms. I tossed the vegetables in olive oil, s&p, garlic powder and red chili flakes and then began to skewer the kebabs. Then we cooked the kebabs on the highest heat to really get a char on the veggies. Probably about 15 minutes or less. 

I'm not going to lie, those mushrooms were probably the best I have ever had, and I was super sad I only included 2 mushrooms on each kebab!

Tomato, Lemon & Basil Rice

So in a previous post, here, I talked about how I cook rice- lots of water in gradual increments for about 45 minutes. Letting rice take it's time really allows for the rice to cook properly and it gives off a creaminess without needing to add milk, butter or cheese. In this post I cooked the rice the same way as my previous post. With 5 minutes remaining on the rice and while the remaining liquid cooked off, I added quartered grape tomatoes, lemon juice, lemon zest, freshly chopped basil, s&p, red chili flakes. garlic powder and a small tab of butter. 

It was pretty fantastic and I just so happened to bring the leftovers for lunch today!

Hope you enjoyed my quick post today, doing anything fun this weekend? Maybe a grill out? I'll be back at my Alma Mater (also Maegan's Alma Mater) this weekend to watch my sister graduate. So proud of her and also sad to think its been so long since I was there.